RAYKUBE Wireless Electronic Lock Keyless With Remote Control Keys Smart Invisible Remotly Door Lock For Home Anti-theft Security

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USD 115.90/pieceUSD 115.90/pieceUSD 55.49/pieceUSD 53.99/pieceUSD 78.65-93.61/pieceUSD 136.66/pieceUSD 112.25/pieceUSD 74.28/piece RAYKUBE Wireless Electronic Lock Keyless With Remote Control Keys Smart Invisible Remotly Door Lock For Home Anti-theft Security


R-W50 Lock:

>No Wired, Easy Installtion
>Wireless Controller Opened/Locked
>After Close The Door Will Locked Automatic
>Inside Unblocking Button For Emergencies
>Solid And Durable Body
>Indoor Use Only
>Dry Battery Power Supply
>Low Power Warning
>Easy installation on all kind of door: wood, glass, metal, etc.

R-RM5 Remote Control:

>Easy operation through clear division of opening / closing.
>Audible alarm to verify each opening / closing.
>Register of a maximum of 16 remote controls in each lock.
>Link an unlimited number of locks with each remote control.
>Anticopy encryption system with rolling code.
>Operation distance: within 5 m (according to the characteristics of the installation).

Item Include:

1 x R-W50 Electric Lock

4 x Remote Control

1 x Screw Kit

Wireless contecting,no wired.Easy Installtion

Auto Locked

Using keelog running code,never afraid of lost keys being copied:

Scroll code and anti-scanning code technologies applied in the invisible remote control lock.The remote controller may send a 60-bit code at a time.It’s very diffcult to be stolen as it becomes invalid after using one time.If lost keys,user only need to remaining all remote controllers to get code again,and lost controller is invalid.

The lock design is suit for most of the door.

Please note this lock must installing in door.

You can see more installing case in the following pictures.

① Lock pin
Using 45# steel very sturdy and durable.

② Emergency unlock button
To quickly unlock and escape in emergency situation.
Special tips:
1)It is forbidden to use non-emergency situation.
2)Once use the emergency unlock button, the automatic locking function will be closed. Only receives the decoding command on the remote control, automatic locking function can open again.

③ Unlock button indoor
When use is indoor, can use it open the lock.

④ Indicator light
In the following operation or it alarm, the indicator light will lit up
1)When the lock is open or closed
2)When start the match code button to match the code;
3)When the battery voltage is lower than 2.5 V, the lock alarm

⑤The match code button
Add or delete the remote control.

⑥ Open button
┻ ON Open position function.
┻ OFF Press the button to close the lock function
If it don’t automatically locked ,the remote control will lose efficacy.

⑦ Adjust the lock hasp install plate
After finish install the main lock and vice lock, if the main lockpin can’t be insert into the hole of the pin plate because of the height of the lock is different, user can adjust the height of the pin plate which was located by 2 M5 screws .

⑧Automatically closed magnet switch
1)Automatically closed the lock after control the main lock and lock hasp in place, and the main lock in standby state.

2)When the main lock and the lock hasp is separate, the main lock will in standby state, then the lock is in the best way to save electricity .

⑨ Install hole of the main lock and the lock hasp
Install hole of the main lock:5 — 4*25 self-taped
Install hole of the lock has:4 — 4*25 self-taped

⑩ (Back) When install the lock, please use the 3M glue Before use the 3M glue to install the lock, please make sure the install way is smooth and clean

Alarm for change battery:

1. When in low battery condition, the lock will flicker and the buzzer will alarm to notice user to change the battery, but it also can be use about 1 month.

2. If the low battery condition is continue, the lock will flicker and the buzzer will alarm, and it will automatically cut off the lock function.

3. When the battery is lower than the minimum power set by the lock, the remote lock will automatic open. This function is avoid user go out for a long time and after the change battery function alarm but it still can’t be changed. It can impede user can’t open the door when the battery with no power completely.

4. In order to avoid the automatic lock which reduces the safety of the lock, please replace the battery when user will go out for a long time.

The way to change the battery for the main:

1. When the LED light is flicker, the voice of the lock will weaker,then it must be changed the battery.

2. According to the direction of the arrow to open the battery cover,put 2 AAM battery in it (Please insert the new battery after 10 seconds to protect the electronic circuit).

3. Then open and close the door to check if the new battery is good.

Note: Please use alkaline battery, the magnetic battery or the rechargeable battery will make the lock break down.

Change the battery in remote control :

1. When the LED light is dark and the control speed is slow, please change the battery in the remote control.

2. Use a small size tool inserts the flank and rotates the tool to open the cover, the battery is CRC2032, and pay attention to the polarity of the battery. The install order: the front cover, rubber blanket, the electronics circuit board and the back cover.

3. After change the battery, please check whether remote control can work.

The way to match code with the fingerprint terminal, the remote control, the exit button and the lock:

1.Open the cover of the main lock

2.Under the battery jar, there is a match code key (as Pic. ⑤);

3.Continue to press the match code key 3 seconds;

4. The LED for the main lock will flicker and a “drops”

5. Press each remote control for 1 second, each main lock will have a “drops”, that means match code success. (Note: If user install the fingerprint terminal outdoor, user can register a finger on the terminal, there is a “drops” when press finger on the terminal,that means match code success )

6.Press the match code key 1 second on the main lock, after there is a “drops” on the main lock, it means stop to match code.

7. Finish match code, please check the fingerprint terminal and remote control.

8.When one of the controller can’t work , please according to the above step to rematch code again.

The way to rematch code between the remote control and the lock:

1. If use lose one remote control, please rematch code all the remote controls.

2. After rematch code, all the lost controllers are useless.

Note: Unless lost a remote control, or to buy a new remote control, otherwise don’t press the code key on the main lock. Because press the code key means delete all the original code, then need to rematch.

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